Since I was a child, photography was part of my life. I will always remember my dad, holding his old Leica camera, taking his sweet time, setting it up for the perfect picture, while my brother and I try to keep it still. He used to capture those special moments and left us with plenty of photo albums full with those wonderful memories.

When I grew up, I wanted to become a photographer but chose film as my prefer media instead of still. My background in film photography still help me today in trying to capture that magic moment. After a long detour that introduce me to the internet, web design and web development, I decided to get back to the beginning, pick up the camera (a digital, this time around) and start shooting again.

I enjoy telling a story through my photos. I try having the viewers guessing what happened before and what will happened next after that frozen moment in time. I enjoy playing with light, colors and perspective as I try to capture the feeling of that moment.

I hope you are enjoying my work as much as I enjoyed capturing it



Group Shows


2022 InLiquidThe Benefit, Philadelphia, PA
2022 Da Vinci Art AllianceJoyous Disruption, Philadelphia, PA
2022 Media Art Center – In The Moment, Media, PA (2nd Place)
2022 The Trestle Inn, Philadelphia, PA
2022 Da Vinci Art AlliancePerennial Visions III, Philadelphia, PA
2021 Site:Brooklyn – Black and White, NY, NY
2021 Awbury Arboretum – Up Against A Wall, Philadelphia, PA
2021 InLiquidThe Benefit, Philadelphia, PA
2021 Da Vinci Art AllianceSubjective Perspective, Philadelphia, PA
2020 Media Art Center – H2O, Media, PA
2020 One For All Gallery – Grand Opening Extravaganza, Philadelphia, PA
2020 Hamilton Street Gallery – Sanctuary, Bound Brook, NJ
2020 Da Vinci Art AllianceHindsight, Philadelphia, PA
2020 First Street Gallery – 9 For 19, NY, NY
2019 InLiquidThe Yard, Philadelphia, PA
2019 Site:Brooklyn – Monochrome, NY, NY
2019 Da Vinci Art AlliancePerennial Visions, Philadelphia, PA
2019 PPAC – 2019 Members Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA
2019 Da Vinci Art AllianceSummer… A Feast for the Senses, Philadelphia, PA
2019 NHArts – America on the Move , New Hope, PA (Honorable Mention)
2019 Da Vinci Art AllianceART et al, Philadelphia, PA
2019 Wayne Art CenterBeing There, B/W photography, Philadelphia, PA
2019 InLiquidThe Benefit, Philadelphia, PA
2018 The CurtisFirst Friday At The Curtis, Philadelphia, PA
2018 Da Vinci Art AllianceArtist, Reader, Writer, Philadelphia, PA
2018 PPAC – Yearbook Celebration Dinner and Auction, Philadelphia, PA
2018 PPAC – 2018 Members Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA
2018 Atlantic Gallery – 2018 International Juried Exhibition, NY, NY
2018 First Street Gallery – 2018 National Juried Exhibition, NY, NY
2018 Wayne Art CenterReflections Thru the Lens, Philadelphia, PA
2018 Da Vinci Art AllianceOpen Lens IV, Philadelphia, PA
2018 InLiquidNew Now, Philadelphia, PA
2017 NHArtsExposure 2017, New Hope, PA


Marguerite Rodgers PA
Lary and Ahuva Kopelman, NJ
Ben and Kim Levin, NJ
Daniel Mandel and Grace Toncich, NJ
Rebecca Batchelor, TN
Dayna Seaton, TN


InLiquid, Philadelphia, PA
CFEVA, Philadelphia, PA
Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA
PPAC, Philadelphia, PA